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They’re just getting digitized, like everything else. While there’s a real charm to owning a stack of bound paper that you can fold the corners of, underline, and read without staring at a screen, eBooks are far more convenient. Your backpack can hold maybe four or five books, but one e-reader or tablet can hold thousands of titles. Plus, e-readers allow you to search text, share the saucy bits, and read at night without a light.

eBook Conversion Swift ProSys

You can publish your own eBook relatively easily. Any text you find on the web that you’d rather read on your Kindle? Port it over. And, if you’ve got the time, you can turn your favorite antiquated paper book into an eBook too. It’s just going to take a lot of page turning—and scanning.
So whether you’re ready to share the manuscript that’s been sitting in a folder on your desktop for years, or you’d like digitize an old paper copy of Cervantes, here’s our process to creating a digital copy of just about any book.