Content Digitization, OCR, Data Capture, eBook Services in INDIA

Data Capture



In today’s competitive business world the need for organisations to attain the fastest access to accurate, useable data is paramount. To allow correct decisions to be made to meet business deadlines data needs to be made available at the push of a button.

The data captured from many types of formats, forms and media need to be transformed into easily readable electronic data and integrated into any business system, which will help perform in a much more cost effective and efficient manner.


The Benefits:

The benefits of data capture differ for each client. In many cases these include:

Our expertise includes: XML conversion (TEI, DT Book, NIMAS, NLM, PubMed & DocBook), Metadata, EAD, MODS/ALTO, METS, Marc XML, XHTML, eBooks, OCR, Indexing, Proofread, Data capture & Newspaper clippings