Content Digitization, OCR, Data Capture, eBook Services in INDIA


In today’s online world many historical documents are available digitally, separate of the archives. Posted by a wide range of institutions and individuals these documents, more often than not, are also separated from their historical and documentary context. Significantly the majority of archival digitization projects today are selective as well. Archivists, with some assistance from historians and other specialists, sift through a body of records, select key, seminal, or interesting documents, scan them and present them on the internet for all to see and hopefully use. The materials scanned and presented have not tended to be the full body of records but are documents removed from their collections and from their context. The consequences for historical research can be imagined by looking at similar activities conducted in the past.

We have the capacity to digitize large numbers of newspapers and historical records from the 18th to 21st century for national and academic research libraries, local historical societies, newspaper publishers and commercial aggregators around the globe. We currently converting several thousand pages for the German Newspapers dated back from the year 1958. We do process like correcting name entities, OCR cleanup, article clipping, label each blocks, reading order for each blocks, title or subtitle OCR cleanup etc.

We have hands of experience in data capturing from old handwritten document like burial and cremation registers dated back 17th century. We are official vendor to capture the data from UK burial and cremation registers dated back 17th century for