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Top 10 things to do while creating eBook


  1. Decide which eBook format to be produced a Reflowable or a Fixed Layout.
  2. Decide to go for EPUB 3.0 (recommended) for more additional features such as HTML5, Media overlay, scripting etc.
  3. Metadata of the book should be given in OPF file.
  4. Layout of the eBook should be sequenced & readable.
  5. Images should be captured as per IDPF standards.
  6. All internal (references) and external (web links) links should make active.
  7. Quality of the text with zero errors.
  8. Stylesheet (CSS) should be well formed.
  9. EPUB must be validated through latest version of epubcheck (
  10. EPUB Quality Assurance with FlightDeck to consume the time


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