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XML Data Conversion

XML data conversion is a way of tagging data that can be made more easily available to websites. XML allows the user to create his own tags which actually relate to his content and his own document structure. XML conversion makes a document well formed and can be used across platforms. Data converted to XML is portable and can be shared across a number of platforms and environments.


XML has rapidly become the technology of choice for delivering structured data on the Web, working hand-in-hand with HTML, which is used as the presentation format. We can help businesses in any industry assess their unique XML opportunities and needs, implement appropriate XML applications, and maintain and update XML content.

Advantages of XML Data Conversion
• Standardization in the representation of all information improves the efficiency
• Data comes alive
• Transfer of data from XML enables output to multiple media like web and print publishing systems
• Data can be reused at any point of time
• Easy to archive and retrieve
• A standard format that is accepted globally

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