Content Digitization, OCR, Data Capture, eBook Services in INDIA

Case Study

Answer Booklet online valuation for University, INDIA (through subcontract)


The corrections of answer booklets for each semester takes lot of time doing it manually and there is a concern on accuracy of the result. Also consuming lot of space on preserving the answer booklets for one year. 

Intended Outcome:

To do the corrections through online from anywhere at any time.

To increase the accuracy of the marks and easy the revaluation process.

To release the results to the student quickly.

To destroy the physical answer booklets after result published.

The Process: 

The answer booklets (74 pages) will be scanned once each subject examination gets completed using our own manufactured overhead scanner and scanning software.

The scanned answer booklets will be converted to PDF with assigned unique key and uploaded to the cloud.

The professors will use the web-based software (third party software) to do corrections based on their subject and the system automatically allocated the answer booklets. There will be two stages of verification process by other professors.

The marks are stored in the cloud and the result will be generated for each students.

The students will raise revaluation for each subject, which will be loaded into the system (our own software) and professors will do double verification on each answer booklet. The marks are stored and the revaluation result will be generated for each students.

This digital transformation process speedup the correction process, increases the accuracy of the marks, declare the results quickly and shorted the period of stored of physical answer booklets.


Processing one million pages for each semester since 2018.