Content Digitization, OCR, Data Capture, eBook Services in INDIA

Case Study

Archival Digitization for Private Archive, Hungary


This private archive wants to create historical collection of Hungary and sell to the people by monthly/yearly subscriptions.  They collected newspapers / books / magazines / periodicals etc from the libraries and give back them the digital content.

Intended Outcomes:

To scan the physical historical collections

To create OCR’d PDF with bookmarks.

To upload in the digital repository to search and retrieve the content for their subscribers.

The Process:

The archives were scanned in the library premises and send the scanned images by Hard Disk to India

The scanned images were OCR’d with proper segmentations to produce PDF

The OCR PDF will be bookmarked based on the dates and chapters.

The output OCR PDF files will be delivered back and uploaded into the digital repository.


On an average processing 500K newspaper / books pages per month since 2017