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Data Capture Services

When you have piles of forms or other documents requiring data capture, why not make use of Swift ProSys ? We’ll make sure everything is digitized quickly and efficiently. Electronic data capture is highly accurate as the risk of human input error is eliminated.
Data Capture Services

Content Digitization Services

Why METS/ALTO Conversion?

The METS and ALTO have now been utilized for a number of years. Libraries, universities, newspaper publishers, and newspaper aggregators are familiar with these standards.metsalto
METS is a standard for encoding descriptive, administrative, and structural metadata regarding objects within a digital library, using XML. Though METS is excellent at describing the structure of a digital object, it is missing the ability to describe the content and layout of each piece of the digital object. So an extension to METS, called ALTO (Analyzed Layout and Text Object), is required for this purpose. The combination of METS and ALTO was originally developed by the METAe project, and later was adopted by the Library of Congress for its large-scale National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Since then, METS/ALTO has been used in many newspaper digitization projects—both large and small—as well as a number of projects digitizing books and journals.

A typical METS/ALTO object encodes the complete logical and physical structure of a document (i.e., chapters, sections, articles, pages, etc., and their associated metadata), as well as the full-text content of each section of the document, and even the physical coordinates of every word in the document.

What’s the different between data backups and archives?

One of the most common questions that come up again and again in data backup and recovery is “What’s the different between data backups and archives? Data archives are often confused with data backups. Data backups are used to restore data in case it is lost, corrupted or destroyed. In contrast, data archives protect older information that is not needed for everyday business operations but may occasionally need to be accessed.

Quick Benefits for Digital Archiving

Book Conversion Process – Swift ProSys

They’re just getting digitized, like everything else. While there’s a real charm to owning a stack of bound paper that you can fold the corners of, underline, and read without staring at a screen, eBooks are far more convenient. Your backpack can hold maybe four or five books, but one e-reader or tablet can hold thousands of titles. Plus, e-readers allow you to search text, share the saucy bits, and read at night without a light.

eBook Conversion Swift ProSys

You can publish your own eBook relatively easily. Any text you find on the web that you’d rather read on your Kindle? Port it over. And, if you’ve got the time, you can turn your favorite antiquated paper book into an eBook too. It’s just going to take a lot of page turning—and scanning.
So whether you’re ready to share the manuscript that’s been sitting in a folder on your desktop for years, or you’d like digitize an old paper copy of Cervantes, here’s our process to creating a digital copy of just about any book.

XML Conversion

XML Conversion

EAD Encoding

ead encoding

Digital Archiving – Benefits

Digitization contribute to

Enhanced eBook Features

Enhanced eBooks go beyond the simple layouts of most ebooks to offer more complex formatting, illustration, and rich media such as video, audio and program-like interactions. As we’ve just seen, updates to the EPUB and Kindle formats — EPUB3 and Kindle KF8 — provide the advanced features needed for enhanced ebooks. A new breed of e-reading devices and apps is emerging to support these new versions.
enhancedebookWe’ll take a brief look at some of the more important formats being used today to produce enhanced ebooks in this changing landscape.

• PDF (Portable Document Format)
• Apps
• Fixed layout ebooks
• Web app

And we’ll look at two popular tools for producing enhanced ebooks

• Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
• Apple iBooks Author

These tools and formats are just a small selection of the many options to produce enhanced digital publications. Each of these has solid backing and supporters among the publishing community but this is a field where we’re still some way from having a widely-adopted standard.

How to Promote Your E-Book?

Try these tactics, making sure that the e-book always is the call to action:

•  Post the first chapter on SlideShare.
•  Record someone from your team reading the e-book and launch it as an audio book.
•  Launch a webinar with the author, featured thought leaders, or brands.
•  Create an infographic with the e-book’s tips, tricks, or quotes.
•  Turn each chapter into a blog post.
•  Write a guest blog post for sites covering the topic.
•  Include the e-book in two or three places on your website, such as the home page, resources section, and sidebar call-out.
•  Print it or put it on a USB drive and give it away at conferences, booth exhibits, etc.

METS/ALTO and Web Interface Services


The combination of METS and ALTO (often written METS/ALTO) is the current industry standard for newspaper digitization used by hundreds of modern, large-scale newspaper digitization projects


Web Interface (Web based application):

 A web-based application is any application that uses a website as the interface (the ‘front-end’). Users access the application from any computer connected to the Internet using a standard browser, instead of using an application that has been installed on their local computer.

Business Advantage using Web Inteface

Data and Metadata


Swift ProSys Services

Digital Archiving

The information for an organization of interest, comes in many forms. The main part consists of many different types of documents:. Letters, invoices, reports, faxes, forms, e-mail, spreadsheets, computer output, multimedia files, web pages, etc. Moreover, this information already reached your organization through a variety of channels, and are often various locations. By digitally archiving the incoming information you keep the overview and your grip on your documents.

With the deployment of a digital archive it possible all this unstructured information in order to create organized and accessible information.


Digital archiving, benefits:

Tactical advantages of Digitization


The key tactical benefit of digitization is to improve the efficiency of core business processes – a benefit that comes through exploiting the tactical advantages offered by digitization. Capturing documents and data at the point of origin or receipt into an organization allows for many tactical advantages including but not limited to:

The source of these advantages includes the following digitization initiatives, processes, and activities:

Data Processing

Data Processing is a process of converting data into the information and it can also convert information into a data. It means Data Processing can convert any data from one format to another. By means of various sources, customers give their opinions as data. Information system takes that raw data as input to produce Information as output. Hence, conversion of raw data into useful information is accomplished through an application of data-processing.


At Swift ProSys, our expertise lies in our capability of offering world-class data processing services. We believe in adopting a very simple yet effective approach for all your data entry projects and data processing requirements. Our experience and the latest technologies we use form a basis from where we deliver quality, outstanding turnaround time and most accurate results. While taking care of your data processing related projects, we ensure strict security measures and take all necessary actions to make sure that your important information is not leaked out. We maintain complete confidentiality and data security of all your vital information and your company.

Our Data conversion team comprises of experienced professionals having extensive experience in a wide range of data processing tasks and data entry processes. This ensures that we can deliver your project on timely basis along with cent percent precision. We are a leading data entry offshore center and offer a wide array of solutions for your data entry projects at affordable prices.





What is EAD?

EAD stands for Encoded Archival Description, and is a non-proprietary de facto standard for the encoding of finding aids for use in a networked (online) environment.


Finding aids are inventories, indexes, or guides that are created by archival and manuscript repositories to provide information about specific collections. While the finding aids may vary somewhat in style, their common purpose is to provide detailed description of the content and intellectual organization of collections of archival materials.

EAD allows the standardization of collection information in finidng aids within and across repositories.

Digital Conversion

digital conversion

OCR – Optical Character Recognition


Optical Character Recognition, usually abbreviated as OCR, is the mechanical or electronic translation of scanned images of handwritten, typewritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text. It is widely used to convert books and documents into electronic files, to computerize a record-keeping system in an office, or to publish the text on a website. OCR makes it possible to edit the text, search for a word or phrase, store it more compactly, display, or print a copy free of scanning artifacts, and apply techniques such as machine translation, text-to-speech, and text mining to it. OCR is a field of research in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and computer vision.

This process translates images of typewritten articles into electronic mode or a picture of characters into a standard encoding scheme representing them in ASCII or text.

When it comes to delivering quality OCR services, we have consistently strived to offer you the best by using the complete potential of this innovative technology.

We provide works such as Typewritten OCR, Handwritten OCR, Print OCR etc.,

Fixed Layout Conversion

Fixed Layout is a way of formatting an E-Book so that the text and images inside the book are aligned exactly how you want them to be whereas most E-Books allow the text and images to flow in a dynamic way (linear), so as to best take advantage of the differing specifications of the various eBooks. Fixed layout essentially “fixes” the images and text in one place.

fixed layout

Does Your EBook Need Fixed Layout?
Children’s picture / illustrated books are the best example. They require the text and images to be laid out in a specific alignment to each other (e.g. text overlap with images).,

Typically, these books are also good candidates for a Fixed Layout conversion for your E-Book.
• Cookbooks
• Coffee table books
• Graphic novels
• Illustrated children’s books
• Textbooks and technical manuals

Fixed Layout EBook Format Also Work Great With:
• Multi-column text
• Illustrations or artistic photography
• Ratios of the size of text/image which must not change
• Colors which must be true to the paper version
• Full page fixed layout rendering that mirrors the printed book page design.
• Custom font support in scalable vector format.
• Read aloud with auto play
Although Fixed Layout files takes more time to create, our e-technical experts will create a beautiful, fully-functional E-Book that will look exactly the way you want it to.

fixed layout1

Your book can be converted into fixed-layout E-Book formats for the following retailers:
• Apple – Fixed-Layout ePUB produced for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices
• Amazon – Kf8 for Kindle devices
• Amazon – Kindle Comic Books for Kindle devices
• Barnes & Noble – Kids books for Nook

Need help?
Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly Magazine

Digital Solutions in India 2015: The 10th Annual Review

The following content is excerpted from Publishers Weekly

Being small (and nimble) has worked tremendously well for Swift Prosys, with managing director and founder Mohan Thas Shanmugam busy targeting clients and markets that are often overlooked (and underserved) by the bigger solutions providers. “We have established a roster of clients in very diverse markets such as Canada, South Africa, Australia, Scandinavia, and soon, hopefully, the Middle East.”


But communicating the technical parts of the digitization process can be a daunting task when there are language barriers. With that in mind, one of his project managers took the initiative to learn French for a year to better supervise projects from France and Canada, and to promote Swift Prosys at the Paris and Quebec book fairs. “One French media company now puts through about 50,000 pages a month for online e-paper production, for which the turnaround time can range from one to 48 hours depending on complexity,” says Shanmugam, whose team has rich experience in this segment, having processed and archived millions of newspaper and magazine pages in the past couple of years.

A recent archival project, for instance, saw the team converting trade directories dating back to 1910 for a Scandinavian client. The 120,000 pages were OCR-ed, cleaned, corrected, and converted into XML using RegEx. The final delivery was in ePub2, which was processed automatically from the XML files. “We also had many HTML5 projects in the past year, and that has prompted us to develop a training program on these markup languages, as well as on animation and gaming, where we are seeing more inquiries from different markets.”

For Shanmugam, the lack of resources to establish sales offices in every market that he serves is a good thing as he embarks on a series of partnerships with local companies. “We have partnered with a consulting firm in Italy, for instance, to service government institutions, universities, and libraries in Europe, and with one company in Senegal to further pro-mote our digitization services in West Africa. It works very well because I can rely on my partners who have the local knowledge and network to do their part in marketing and after sales servicing while my team focuses on the production and technical processes.”

XML Data Conversion

XML data conversion is a way of tagging data that can be made more easily available to websites. XML allows the user to create his own tags which actually relate to his content and his own document structure. XML conversion makes a document well formed and can be used across platforms. Data converted to XML is portable and can be shared across a number of platforms and environments.


XML has rapidly become the technology of choice for delivering structured data on the Web, working hand-in-hand with HTML, which is used as the presentation format. We can help businesses in any industry assess their unique XML opportunities and needs, implement appropriate XML applications, and maintain and update XML content.

Advantages of XML Data Conversion
• Standardization in the representation of all information improves the efficiency
• Data comes alive
• Transfer of data from XML enables output to multiple media like web and print publishing systems
• Data can be reused at any point of time
• Easy to archive and retrieve
• A standard format that is accepted globally

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Data Entry Services

With the advent of Information technology more and more outsourcing jobs are needed in this industry. As we know that all the important data or documents are insignificant if they are not categorized or organized properly. These data entry services are a part of the day to day tasks to many business firms, industries, organizations and private firms.


Swift ProSys have been able to deliver superior quality services in data entry, data typing, data keying, to our well known offshore client’s

To give error free services we have adapted some strict stringent security systems that enable our staff to proof read the data entry files with the help of double process proof reading system and derive accurate services.

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Typesetting and XML Coding

We have developed a strong relationship with market leading overseas suppliers, to offer expert and efficient typesetting and XML coding for all publishing projects.

images (5)

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Benefits of Digitizing Your Newspapers

Digitizing your newspapers brings a number of important benefits. If the files are for your personal use, you’ll be able to store and read them much more safely for years to come. You’re far less likely to lose important historic information. If the files are for your business, digitization will cut down on storage space and costs and facilitate the sharing of information.

download (3)

The benefits of digitization include:

  1. Safer and more reliable storage of newspapers
  2. Preservation of important information and readability
  3. Ability to easily search the text of newspaper issues
  4. Reduced storage requirements
  5. Easy access to newspapers from any computer or smartphone through the internet
  6. Ability to integrate newspaper issues into your company website or blog

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Benefits of OCR

Swift ProSys provides an OCR (optical character recognition) service to extract text from documents which have a clearly recognizable typeface.


Benefits of OCR

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

eBook Conversion

There are many factors that need to be considered to properly design an eBook. One is to ensure it is compatible with current and future e-reading devices. Everything from the quality of programming, to layout styles, and image optimization are important factors that can make or break your eBook in the long term.


At Swift ProSys we follow industry best practices to convert your Microsoft Word document or PDF into ePub and Mobi formats. We want to give your work the best chance of success by optimizing it for readability on every major eReader – now and in the future. Our converted eBooks are compatible with all of the world’s most popular eReaders, including Amazon Kindle®, Barnes & Noble Nook®, and Apple iPad®.

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Conversion of Microfilm/Microfiche

• Microfilm
• Microfiche
• Aperture cards


Many companies have archived data over many years in the form of Microfilm or Microfiche and much of this information is still important today, however searching for documents requires expensive machinery, time and understanding. Swift ProSys can offer a conversion service that will save time and money and provide a much more user friendly output.

We have the capability to convert all forms of Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture cards into a wide variety of digital file formats including PDF and TIFF. We can also capture any desired index data for ease of retrievals.

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Advantages of eBook conversion services

There are many reasons attributing to the increasing preference of electronic formats:

images (3)

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Electronic Document Management

Increasingly, paper-based documents add little value to a business but scanning and electronically tagging them could mean those that may have been difficult to access become relevant, secure and quick to find.

document management Benefits:

• Improved customer service response – all your documents at your fingertips
• Improved efficiency – no more searching for paper documents
• Reduced workload surrounding audits and inspections
• Continuity planning – protection from fire, flood, theft or loss
• Document security – controlled access to sensitive data
• Reduced storage demands and costs

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Document Imaging and Management

Manage your records electronically 

images (2)

Managing your documents electronically saves you both time and money – it reduces storage costs and handling time, and protects your valuable documents from deterioration.

We can help you manage your records effectively with our cost-effective document imaging and management services.

Document imaging
We are specialized in data capture services and we can manage typed and handwritten text, digitization of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards etc.,

Document management
Our electronic solutions make it easy for you to collect, sort and store your documents.

Electronic document management services

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

4 Quick Features about EPUB 3

EPUB 3 is latest version of EPUB, the widely used open standard format for digital publications, is based on the latest Web Standards including HTML5.

images (1)

  1. Styling and layout enhancements (general CSS enhancements, enhanced font/typography support, and fixed-layout support),
  2. Global language support (vertical writing, R-L page progression direction, phonetic annotation, etc.)
  3. Rich media and interactivity (audio, video, scripting)
  4. Accessibility features (better semantics, pronunciation hints, synchronizing pre-recorded media with text display, mathematics etc.).

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Digital documents and archiving

Digital documents and archiving is the wave of the future, and businesses that are looking to improve their productivity and document security are turning to document capture services to create a digital archive. Whether you are a small business owner looking to get a leg up on the competition or are the owner of a large corporation looking to improve productivity and improve security, document capture is a great way to take your document processes to the next level.

imagesThe benefits of document capture differ for each client. In many cases these include:

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Top 10 things to do while creating eBook


  1. Decide which eBook format to be produced a Reflowable or a Fixed Layout.
  2. Decide to go for EPUB 3.0 (recommended) for more additional features such as HTML5, Media overlay, scripting etc.
  3. Metadata of the book should be given in OPF file.
  4. Layout of the eBook should be sequenced & readable.
  5. Images should be captured as per IDPF standards.
  6. All internal (references) and external (web links) links should make active.
  7. Quality of the text with zero errors.
  8. Stylesheet (CSS) should be well formed.
  9. EPUB must be validated through latest version of epubcheck (
  10. EPUB Quality Assurance with FlightDeck to consume the time


Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Get quality eBooks to market faster

eBook is the process of creating a ePub/ Kindle file that can be read using eReader in the tablets. The famous tablets are iPad, Mini iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite, B&N Nook, Kobo, Sony and other Android tablets.

eBooks can be created from Microsoft Word documents, InDesign, Quark or Print PDF or even from the paperback.

ePub is widely accepted eBook format and supported by a wide range of eReaders like iPad, Sony, Kobo, B&N Nook, and Android tablets. ePub allows the use of a variety of fonts, styles and advanced layouts. The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) conducts ePub standards and trade activities. The ePub3 is the current version of the ePub standard.


A file with the MOBI file extension is a Mobipocket eBook file. Amazon Kindle readers require eBooks in MOBI format. Preview of the final eBook in this format can be seen on the Kindle app or Kindle eReader before they are submitted to Amazon for sale. Kindle supports color, graphics, images, etc., but has limitations in terms of font styles and layout. Aside from the Kindle Fire, all other Kindle devices only display in grayscale.

Fixed-Layout eBook:-
Fixed-layout eBooks are commonly used for books with heavy graphics, tables, and other formatting. Children’s picture books, business books, and text books are some examples of fixed-layout eBooks. A fixed-layout eBook can look exactly like your original printed book. Kindle Fire, Apple, B&N Nook and Kobo supports fixed-layout files.

iBook Author:-
iBooks Author is an amazing app that allows anyone to create beautiful Multi-Touch textbooks — and just about any other kind of book — for iPad. With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, mathematical expressions and more, these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could.

Encapsulated Portable Document Format (ePDF) files work with most e-Readers / PC’s and ot ensures a smooth reading experience when compared to PDF’s.

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Document Management Solutions


Many organizations, searching for paper documents is extremely time consuming. Document management is the process of storing, locating, updating, and sharing documents within an organization. A document management system (DMS) can be used to capture and organ

Two stage process for Document Management:

  1. Document Imaging – convert paper documents into electronic files.
  2. Document Capturing – convert electronic file into a fully searchable electronic document

Document Management helps to:

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Typesetting Services in Swift ProSys


All our services are customized around the requirements of clients from different industries who outsource to us. At Swift ProSys, we are dedicated to offer time bound pre-press and typesetting services in most cost-effective manner to our customers. Our pre-press and typesetting solutions are automated which provides for perfection.

We can manage any kind of books and journals and cover all aspects of production:

Here is the article link about our company which has been published recently in Publishers weekly.

Newspaper Digitization


During the last few years, as digitization has gradually moved from an experimental and temporal activity toward one that is structural and continuous, mass digitization projects have been increasing in number. Newspapers appeal to a large audience, but in many cases are inaccessible. Therefore, it is no surprise that many institutions are now deciding to digitize their newspaper collections. Digitization and Web delivery make these collections available to a worldwide audience.

We are one of the service providers in the digitization of archived newspapers. We also specialize in digitizing books, journals, manuscripts, and the like. We plays a significant active role in the archival digitization movement.

Document and Data Capture


We offer fast, accurate and competitive Data Capturing services, typically at a lower cost than doing it in-house, featuring single or double pass data entry.

EPUB 3 – Features of the eBook Format:


There are many reasons that eReaders and eBooks are changing the publishing landscape. Just as an iPod makes it possible to tote an impossibly large music collection in your shirt pocket, eReaders allow you to carry an entire library of books in a handbag.

ePub has been widely adopted as the format for digital books (eBooks) – including Apple’s iBooks, Sony’s Reader, and the Kobo – and the ePub 3 specifications significantly increase the ePub format’s capabilities to support a wider range of publication requirements.


Features of the EPUB 3 Format

Document scanning with OCR


This technology converts all printed documents into searchable digital files that can be easily stored on DVD, hard drives and network servers. OCR technology makes it possible to find a topic, word or sentence located within multiple documents in a matter of moments.

Converting documents to searchable digital files eliminates the need for traditional filing and long term storage of deteriorating paper records. The ability to generate multiple digital copies for on and off site storage is also a major benefit thereby averting total loss through theft, fire or flood. Significant space saving is also achieved in the digital conversion process.

Many different types of documents can be scanned with OCR including standard printed material, typed documents, maps, newspaper clippings, plans and illustrations with text.

In summary document scanning with OCR is a relatively inexpensive process that has significant advantages over storing and searching for deteriorating paper files.

Data Capture



In today’s competitive business world the need for organisations to attain the fastest access to accurate, useable data is paramount. To allow correct decisions to be made to meet business deadlines data needs to be made available at the push of a button.

The data captured from many types of formats, forms and media need to be transformed into easily readable electronic data and integrated into any business system, which will help perform in a much more cost effective and efficient manner.


The Benefits:

The benefits of data capture differ for each client. In many cases these include:

Our expertise includes: XML conversion (TEI, DT Book, NIMAS, NLM, PubMed & DocBook), Metadata, EAD, MODS/ALTO, METS, Marc XML, XHTML, eBooks, OCR, Indexing, Proofread, Data capture & Newspaper clippings

Document Management Services


Document Management allows you to easily store, index, secure and share your documents electronically

Benefits of Document Management Solutions:

The EDM 4-step process


Cataloging and Metadata


Metadata have been used in various forms as a means of cataloging archived information.  Library catalogues used 3×5 inch cards to display a book’s title, author, subject matter, and a brief plot synopsis along with an abbreviated alpha-numeric identification system which indicated the physical location of the book within the library’s shelves. Such data help classify, aggregate, identify, and locate a particular book.

OCR Clean Up Service


OCR cleanup is the process of cleansing the records of a business or a company. OCR is more formally known as the optical character recognition software that processes the pages of a document and converts them into digitized formats.

OCR clean up services helps in the following ways:

Benefits of Document Imaging


Businesses are consistently looking for ways to cut costs and increase business productivity. One of the ways this can be achieved is investing in newer technologies that will eliminate timely manual processes, because they allow organizations to spend less time on busy-work, and more on things like customer service.

Document imaging is the conversion of paper documents into electronic images on your computer. Once on your desktop, these documents can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds. Thousands of organizations around the world use document imaging every day instead of paper filing systems. The benefits are numerous:

We offer clients an easy migration from paper to any electronic formats. As a conversion service bureau, we provide clients with fast project turn around and individualized records management plans that enable our clients to exceed their productivity and profitability goals, thereby advancing their bottom line

Conversion Services from Swift ProSys

Conversion Services from Swift ProSys can help you understand and realize a new digital imaging program that will streamline your organization’s ability to store, access and manage documents, while cutting cost and stress. You can implement a new digital imaging program or redesign your current one. Cost control is achieved by scanning only certain documents as needed


We have the capacity to digitize large numbers of newspapers from the 18th to 21st century for national and academic research libraries, local historical societies, newspaper publishers and commercial aggregators around the globe. We currently converting several thousand pages for the German Newspapers dated back from the year 1958. We do process like correcting name entities, OCR cleanup, article clipping, label each blocks, reading order for each blocks, title or subtitle OCR cleanup etc.



In today’s online world many historical documents are available digitally, separate of the archives. Posted by a wide range of institutions and individuals these documents, more often than not, are also separated from their historical and documentary context. Significantly the majority of archival digitization projects today are selective as well. Archivists, with some assistance from historians and other specialists, sift through a body of records, select key, seminal, or interesting documents, scan them and present them on the internet for all to see and hopefully use. The materials scanned and presented have not tended to be the full body of records but are documents removed from their collections and from their context. The consequences for historical research can be imagined by looking at similar activities conducted in the past.

We have the capacity to digitize large numbers of newspapers and historical records from the 18th to 21st century for national and academic research libraries, local historical societies, newspaper publishers and commercial aggregators around the globe. We currently converting several thousand pages for the German Newspapers dated back from the year 1958. We do process like correcting name entities, OCR cleanup, article clipping, label each blocks, reading order for each blocks, title or subtitle OCR cleanup etc.

We have hands of experience in data capturing from old handwritten document like burial and cremation registers dated back 17th century. We are official vendor to capture the data from UK burial and cremation registers dated back 17th century for