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Fixed Layout Conversion

Fixed Layout is a way of formatting an E-Book so that the text and images inside the book are aligned exactly how you want them to be whereas most E-Books allow the text and images to flow in a dynamic way (linear), so as to best take advantage of the differing specifications of the various eBooks. Fixed layout essentially “fixes” the images and text in one place.

fixed layout

Does Your EBook Need Fixed Layout?
Children’s picture / illustrated books are the best example. They require the text and images to be laid out in a specific alignment to each other (e.g. text overlap with images).,

Typically, these books are also good candidates for a Fixed Layout conversion for your E-Book.
• Cookbooks
• Coffee table books
• Graphic novels
• Illustrated children’s books
• Textbooks and technical manuals

Fixed Layout EBook Format Also Work Great With:
• Multi-column text
• Illustrations or artistic photography
• Ratios of the size of text/image which must not change
• Colors which must be true to the paper version
• Full page fixed layout rendering that mirrors the printed book page design.
• Custom font support in scalable vector format.
• Read aloud with auto play
Although Fixed Layout files takes more time to create, our e-technical experts will create a beautiful, fully-functional E-Book that will look exactly the way you want it to.

fixed layout1

Your book can be converted into fixed-layout E-Book formats for the following retailers:
• Apple – Fixed-Layout ePUB produced for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices
• Amazon – Kf8 for Kindle devices
• Amazon – Kindle Comic Books for Kindle devices
• Barnes & Noble – Kids books for Nook

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